Top Clan League (TCL) 第四季戰隊聯賽4強訊息 Semi Final Clan League Season 4

Top Clan League (TCL) 第四季 戰隊賽4強賽,Top Clan League (TCL) Season 4 Clan Wars Semi Final, Duel Links DataCore,

Top Clan League (TCL) 第四季戰隊聯賽4強訊息 Semi Final Clan League Season 4 | Duel Links DataCore | DL 中文網

Top Clan League (TCL)是由Rekka所創辦的大型戰隊聯賽,結合了日本與國外各種聯賽的特色,也希望能讓台灣玩家闖出自己的一片天,一同創造屬於個人與隊伍的神話。各隊伍將會各派出5位選手進行比分制的車輪賽。誰將會成爲最强隊伍,就在這裏分出高下吧!這一次是第4季4强賽事的賽程訊息。




Top Clan League (TCL) is organized by Rekka, the established large-scale team league combines the characteristics of various leagues in Japan and abroad, and also hopes to allow Taiwanese players to break out of their own world and create a myth of individuals and teams together. Each team will send 5 players each to compete in a score-based league match. Let's find out who will become the best team here! Here is the Information of Season 4 Semi-Final!

Futhermore,A small registration fee will be charged to each team at the beginning of the 5th Season, and of course the Champion Team can get their prize money. We hope that there will be more Clans come to join this Clan Wars Tournaments, and also let more people know aboutTaiwan Top Players!

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4強賽圖表 | Semi Finals Playoffs

4強賽 | Semi Final

戰隊 | Clans 簡介 | Introduction
● Duel Links Taiwan,簡稱DLTW,一個來自台灣的戰隊。之前也擧辦過非常有名的Duel Links非官方賽事, DLTW Weekly.

♦ Duel Links Taiwan Clan aka DLTW, a Taiwan Clan which organized one of the well known tournament, DLTW Weekly previously.
● 於2019年6月23日所成立的戰隊。其成立的初衷是爲了讓在中國的Duel Links玩家提供更好的交流平臺。

♦ The team was established on June 23, 2019. The original intention was to provide a better communication platform for Duel Links fans in China.
● YGL戰隊是一小群熱愛遊戲王的玩家所集結而成,目的是一起討論和玩遊戲王。

♦ YGL is a small group of players who love Yu-Gi-Oh, to discuss and play Yu-Gi-Oh together.
● ZBC是來自ENP的另一個分隊。

♦ ZBC Clan is a detachment from ENP Clan.

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