Top Clan League (TCL) 第四季 戰隊聯賽 Season 4

Top Clan League (TCL) 第四季 戰隊賽,Top Clan League (TCL) Season 4 Clan Wars, Duel Links DataCore,

Top Clan League (TCL) 第四季 戰隊聯賽 Season 4 | Duel Links DataCore | DL 中文網

Top Clan League (TCL)是由Rekka所創辦的大型戰隊聯賽,結合了日本與國外各種聯賽的特色,也希望能讓台灣玩家闖出自己的一片天,一同創造屬於個人與隊伍的神話。各隊伍將會各派出5位選手進行比分制的車輪賽。誰將會成爲最强隊伍,就在這裏分出高下吧!這一次是第4季的賽程報告。更多詳情請加入Discord群:

Top Clan League (TCL) is organized by Rekka, the established large-scale team league combines the characteristics of various leagues in Japan and abroad, and also hopes to allow Taiwanese players to break out of their own world and create a myth of individuals and teams together. Each team will send 5 players each to compete in a score-based league match. Let's find out who will become the best team here! Here is the Report of Season 4!

For futher information, please join this discord:

第8 - 10周的分組 | Week 8 - 10 Group Division

Group Division | 分組

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