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Datamines & Leaks: Paradox Information

Datamines & Leaks: Paradox Information | Duel Links DataCore

Duel Links New Files, Features and Information has been found on 18 April 2022. Check here to take a look for what we can expect in the future updates for this game! The Leaked Skill Information is credited to Q8Duelist,please check out his youtube channel and give some support.

Keep in mind that these Leaked | Datamines information is remains unconfirmed until it is announced by Konami officially.

2022年4月18日Duel Links游戲已添加新的解碼資料。請點擊 這裏的文件 查看我們在未來的更新中可以期待的內容!!

這次的技能解碼資料是由 Q8Duelist所解碼,也請到他們的網站或頻道去支持一下。


Paradox Face Expression | 帕拉杜克斯表情圖

Paradox Sprite Images | 帕拉杜克斯角色圖

Paradox | 帕拉杜克斯

Day 3 Deck Use | 第3日牌組使用率

This leaked skill may be acquired on 22 April 2022


Meklord Refinement | 機皇精製
The effect of this Skill changes depending on the number of times it has been used. Send 1 "Meklord" monster from your hand to your Graveyard. Then, add the following card to your hand:

• First Time: 1 "Meklord" Spell/Trap Card from your Deck.
• Second Time: 1 "Meklord" card from your Deck or 1 Meklord Astro the Eradicator from outside of your Deck.

This Skill can only be used if at least half of the cards in your Deck (excluding Extra Deck) are "Meklord" cards and it contains no monsters other than "Meklord" monsters.

This Skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.

• 第1次:牌組中的1張"機皇"魔法或陷阱卡。

• 第2次:牌組中的1張"機皇"卡或牌組外的1張"根絕的機皇神"。


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