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Japan Pro Series #27 Tournament

Tournament Overview

Japan Pro Series tournament was organized by Tsun Tsun on Wednesday starting at 8:00 p.m. (JST). This time the Japan Pro Series Tournament #27 with a prize pot of around 2000 Yen (around 18 USD). If you are interested to keep up with the future tournament, make sure to join the Discord Channel and re-watch this tournament's stream video on this channel.

Special Thanks to Tsun Tsun gives me a chance to write an article for this tournament.
Japan Pro Series #27是由Tsun Tsun於北美東部夏令時間2021年12月15日晚上8時所舉辦的非官方比賽。 這次的比賽獎品為2000日元(折合新臺幣約為507元)。您可以在Tsun Tsun的Discord以了解與跟進比賽的詳情和Youtube頻道觀賽或重看直播。

特別鳴謝Tsun Tsunさん能夠給我這個機會寫這一篇週賽報告。

Format | 公式

Wednesday, 15 December 2021, 8:00p.m. (EDT) | 星期三, 2021年12月8日, 北美東部夏令時間晚上8時
Free Entry. | 免費參賽
Prize: 2000 Yen (around 18 USD) | 2000日元(折合新臺幣約為507元)
128 Players | 128位選手
Latest Banlist Enforced. | 此比賽將才採用最新的禁卡表
Bo3 Format, Single elimination tournament, 1 deck without side deck | 單輪淘汰賽,Bo3,非備牌賽制

Full Breakdown

Full Standings

Top Players Decklists

1st Place | 冠軍: koukit Runner Up | 亞軍: Davide Magri

Top 4 | 4強: rhaaa Top 4 | 4強: ゆのきち

Youtube Broadcast | Youtube 直播回放

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