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Alterra Union Weekly #6 Tournament

Tournament Overview | 概要

Alterra Union Weekly #6 Tournament was organized by Alterra Union starting at 1:00 p.m. (EST) with a prize pot of around 30 USD which held on 16 December 2021. If you are interested to keep up with the future tournament, make sure to join the Alterra Union Discord Channel and rewatch the tournament at Twitch Channel.

Special Thanks to [AU] Rickalicious gives me a chance to write an article for this tournament.
Alterra Union Weekly #6是由Alterra Union於北美中部標準時間2021年12月16日下午1點所舉辦的非官方比賽。 這次的比賽獎金為30美元【折合新臺幣約為835元】。您可以在Alterra Union的Discord來了解與跟進比賽的詳情和Twitch賬號觀賽或重看直播。

特別鳴謝[AU] Rickalicious能夠給我這個機會寫這一篇週賽報告。

Format | 公式

Thursday, 16 December 2021, 12 p.m. (EST) | 星期四·, 2021年12月16日, 北美中部標準時間下午5時
Free Entry | 免費參賽
65 players | 65位選手
Prize: 30 USD 【1st Place: 20 USD; 2nd Place: 10 USD】| 獎金: 30美元 【折合新臺幣約為835元】【冠軍:20美元;亞軍:10美元】。
Requirement: You MUST be a part of the Alterra Union discord. You MUST have a smashgg account. | 條件: 您必須是Alterra Union Discord群組的一員。 您必須有一個 smashgg 帳戶。
172 CAP, 5 Rounds Swiss into Top 32, 1 Deck + 7 Card Side Deck | 172名額上限,5輪瑞士制賽取32強,備牌賽制
Latest Banlist Enforced. | 此比賽將才採用最新的禁卡表

Full Breakdown | 牌組分佈

Top 32 Breakdown | 32強牌組分佈

Full Standings | 積分榜

Top Players Decklists | 上位牌組

1st Place | 冠軍: JayKay Runner Up | 亞軍: Tobio

Top 4 | 4強: Bixie Top 4 | 4強: Yugioh Brutality

Honorable Mention | 特別注明的上位牌組

Top 8 Place | 8強: Cris Olivier Top 16 Place | 16強: ZuLibo

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