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KC Cup Nov 2021 2nd Stage Top 100 Decklists


KC Cup Sept 2021 2nd Stage Tournament takes place from 26 November 2021 - 29 November 2021. Here will try to show the Top 100 Players' Decklists as many as possible. If you reached Top 100 or above and you are willing to share your Top 100 Decklist, please send your Decklist, Proof, and your IGN Information to us at

Top 100 Players' Ranking

1st: [B&P] Grucius
2nd: かいろ
3rd: b站抱欧博@谷谷
4th: Sen.GaOV
5th: ほわ
6th: DLTW 新帝王mugi(はいせ)
7th: 限界東雲かんざわ
8th: TsunTsun
9th: B.Z Tobi
10th: 薇尔今天吃什么
11th: 雷龙不要靠近我
12th: DLTW | ArtiQno
13th: Firu
14th: なかさか
15th: Mr.卫
16th: UchihaLeandro
17th: trapdexter
18th: (笑)
19th: 委員長
20th: シンヤ
22nd: ゆとり薬剤師
23rd: にんぽよ
24th: むむむ?わいもち
25th: KEINZ
27th: 〜爽〜
28th: えるぴぃ@爪団
29th: カステラアンド生もみじ
30th: シュウヘイ
31st: Help_Me
32nd: ソタ@月華龍
33rd: あしゅ@GLORY
34th: 素振りをする素振り@月華龍
35th: ねむたろう
37th: エニシ@雪月華
39th: うずまき
40th: Negative1
42nd: くらなま
43rd: ひーちゃん
46th: Soratun
47th: やま。
49th: Carret
50th: 龍装艦チェンジザ
51st: KiryuRyo
52nd: もんのじ
55th: B.Z.悠风Luca
56th: もけもけ
57th: 山田哲人
58th: 세계최고프로듀서카타오카
59th: abg丶L
60th: 綾咲刹那
61st: [DF] Buns
62nd: マツタ−K
63rd: にっしー
64th: 翔太@
65th: ちゆ@鬼神
66th: SHUN
67th: リネ疲弊
68th: めありんぬ
69th: 姉葉
70th: waylaydavey
71st: ᴳˢᶜ 超新星
72nd: Amrou
73rd: カフー
74th: ちゃみlinks
77th: 橋本環奈@翡翠
79th: しゅうやん@翡翠
80th: ST 掀桌(Zhuo)
81st: こむろともや
83rd: ST 小火Archer
84th: ケントス
85th: AdoboBoy
86th: ちゅうかつ
88th: みやぴ
89th: ラー@武神ライロ
90th: やま@ぶるりすと
91st: あすたー
92nd: エミュー♪
93rd: 限界破天つー
94th: kama3
96th: Kuyahurtz
97th: ACT
98th: ノースサイド
99th: 劉紹凱
100th: Two Oh / ItsGeeWiz

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