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KC GT 2021 Main Tournament Championship Top Decks Report


KCGT 2021 Main Tournament Championship takes place on 28 August 2021. Here will show you the Top Decks of Top 16 Players and Data Information. Huge thanks to those Top 16 Players who allow me to share their decklists here.

Main Tournament Championship Rules & Regulations

Bo3 (Best-of-3) Format, Single Elimination
3 Decks Format, no more than 3 of any 1 card, 2 of any Limited 2 card, 1 of any Limited 1 card across all these 3 decks.
Each Deck must set a different Legendary Duelist with a different Skill.
Cards, Characters, and Skills added after Aug 8 2021 cannot be used.

Final Result

Top 16 Decklists Breakdown

Top 8 Decklists Breakdown

Top Decklists

Top 4

1st Place: B.Z.白眼の青龍

2nd Place: Zeeta

Top 4:ふくすけ

Top 4:zaidking

Top 8




hmascarenhas (Checking)

Top 16 (coming soon)

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